Planning your wedding is such an exciting time in your life! You have probably been dreaming about this day for years, and now it is finally time. 

However, wedding planning can become overwhelming at times, so to ensure you continue to enjoy the process as much as possible, as a wedding photographer in Oxfordshire, I absolutely love helping couples as much as I can, even outside of capturing their memories!

So, if you are just about to start the process, I am going to tell you where to start with wedding planning – tips from a wedding photographer, who has experienced so many weddings in my lifetime. 

Where to Start With Wedding Planning

  • The Budget 
  • Know Your Vision
  • Guest List 
  • Book Suppliers
  • Wedding Timeline
  • Legalities 

The Budget 

Allocating a budget should ideally be at the top of your list if you were wondering where to start with wedding planning, as it will give you a clear goal to aim for as you begin choosing your wedding suppliers.

If you're working with a limited budget, talk about your priorities as a couple. Divide it into two categories – absolutely necessary and nice-to-have negotiables.

You can focus on the aspects of the day that are most important to both of you and identify areas where you can compromise.

Know Your Vision

You may, or may not already have a vision in mind. Maybe you have a Pinterest board that you have been adding to for years and years!

However, if you aren’t quite sure how you envision your wedding day, I suggest you start thinking as this is where to start with wedding planning!

A good place to take inspiration is Pinterest, there are so many wedding suppliers on this platform posting their work and the styles of weddings that they have worked at.

Think about your favourite themes, and colours and inject your personality into it, to make it unique! Your wedding day is all about you two, so make it unforgettably yours.

Guest List 

Your guest list should include anyone that you truly want to attend on your wedding day! You should never feel obliged to invite people.

Sit down with your partner and discuss who you definitely want there. Space and money can be limited, especially if you choose a smaller ceremony location and it also depends on your budget. 

Book Suppliers

Wedding suppliers are usually booked months in advance, so the sooner you make a decision on these, the better. 

So, if you were wondering where to start with wedding planning, make sure to book your venue first as this gives you a secure date and you will know what suppliers will be able to attend to your wedding day date and venue. 

Wedding Timeline

A wedding planning timeline will not only help you manage your planning, suppliers and communications, but it will also help you relax on your wedding day.

Take wedding timing advice from your suppliers, such as your photographer, which I highly recommend as you want to make sure we capture everything and everyone you want!

If you're going to make a wedding website, you can include your timeline so guests have plenty of time to see the schedule. This keeps everyone in the loop and on track for a smooth running day. 


Looking into legalities is where to start with wedding planning to ensure your wedding is of course, legal! 

In the UK, it is a standard rule pretty much all over the country, but you can check the local gov websites for information on the documentation and information you need to provide. 

If you are wedding planning abroad, for a destination wedding, then you definitely need to research into legalities, as some countries require you to do the legal part at home, and others just require certain documentation and so on. 

Ready to Start Your Wedding Planning Journey? 

Now you know where to start with wedding planning, you can go away and ensure you plan your ideal wedding day with ease. 

If you are organised and deal with every aspect you need to do accordingly, you will enjoy your wedding day and it will be so memorable. 

I am a wedding photographer in Oxfordshire but cover wider areas of the UK and weddings abroad. I would love to chat with you and capture all of your wedding day memories.