Mrs Bird's Top Tips

During the pandemic I have been taking more photos more than ever before and using this time as a creative outlet. It's really allowed me to focus on the idea of self-reflection and self-growth. I often get asked two questions; what do you enjoy taking images of? Do you have any tips?

My answer has always been the same "I take what I see and create an image that reflects a fleeting moment in time " and my TIPS are...

  1. Try shooting at different times of the day and shoot everyday you can
  2. Move LOTS and try different angles - find the light!
  3. Don't be scared to experiment with different settings and become one with your camera
  4. Be patient and persevere

The main tip is to REALLY notice and appreciate the richly visual world we are surrounded by.I always advice the photography A level students to open their eyes and their minds to everything and anything.

During the first lockdown I connecting with nature within my photography and created a series that my daughter instigated. Trixie would often run up to me holding something precious like a flower, a snail shell or even one of our many pets. On this occasion I saw how she held the objects so tightly but careful and how beautifully presented they appeared. So I started to snap away, it became almost a game for my daughter, her cheeky grin and her muddy hands so ready to present her objects of choice to me and the lens.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.